how to watch the progress of dd

Copying an ISO to a USB stick can be a slow process! And what’s worse is that dd doesn’t have an option to show its progress. It does however print its progress if you send it the USR1 signal.

So run this command in another terminal, then look back at your dd to see its progress:

 watch -n 1 'sudo kill -USR1 `pidof dd`'

The -n parameter sets how often (in seconds) watch runs the ‘kill’ command. You should now get some output like this in your dd window:

 955425+0 records in
 955425+0 records out
 489177600 bytes (489 MB, 467 MiB) copied, 345.323 s, 1.4 MB/s

Wow, thats a slow SD card.

Don’t forget to run ‘sync’ and wait for it to finish before physically removing the device from the system.