debian, linux

how to install the latest version of firefox on debian

Debian is great but sometimes we need the latest and greatest browser, and we want to install it cleanly. This is how to do it.

  1. Set up your /etc/apt/preferences so that we don’t accidentally upgrade any other packages to unstable:
    Package: *
    Pin: release a=unstable
    Pin-Priority: -1
  2. Run these commands to add sid to your package listings:

     echo 'deb sid main non-free contrib' >> /etc/apt/sources.list
    apt-get update
  3. Now we can see what firefox packages are available:

    apt-cache madison firefox
  4. You should see a new version in the sid repository. To grab it from sid:

    apt-get install -t sid firefox

Before typing ‘y’, make sure you aren’t pulling in any crazy new dependencies you don’t want. Running a mixed-system like this has its risks – you should always watch carefully what apt is doing when using ‘-t sid’.