fedora, linux

Fixing SELinux issues preventing dbus-broker from starting

The error looks something like this:
“Failed to set up mount namespacing: Permission denied”

The fix:
Boot into single-user mode, or set enforcing=0 on the linux command line, then:

mkdir /mnt/tmp
mount -obind / /mnt/tmp
cp /proc/filesystems /mnt/tmp/proc
cp /proc/mounts /mnt/tmp/proc/
mkdir -p /mnt/tmp/sys/fs/selinux
mount -t selinuxfs selinuxfs /mnt/tmp/sys/fs/selinux
chroot /mnt/tmp
restorecon -v /*
umount /mnt/tmp/sys/fs/selinux
rm /mnt/tmp/proc/*
rm -rf /mnt/tmp/sys/*
fedora, linux

hplip problems in fedora

although the fedora print settings gui can detect networked hp printers, it adds them using a dns-sd backend, which seems to stop working soon after its installed. to make them work properly

sudo dnf install hplip
hp-makeuri <ip-address of printer>

now use the URI generated in the print gui, and choose the matching driver.